Spring 2021 and Winter 2020 Updates


Spring 2021 update

One highlight from this Spring was winning a new e-commerce client. I attended an excellent webinar series on Contract Law organised by the ITI German Network. Held by Delany& Dallman Legal Linguists, it was one of the clearest webinar series I have been to. The pace and the amount of material covered were perfect for the 90-minute sessions and the presentation was excellent.

On a personal note, the Covid-19 rules changed in the UK in April and I was able to travel within the UK to the beautiful Lake District. This was my first holiday in a different place in a long time and it was great to recharge my batteries.

Driving a digger in April 2020: practical experience for the next time I receive a machinery project

Winter 2020 update

December was a very busy month working for a wide range of clients, and I took a short break around Christmas. I also joined the ITI North East Regional Group for an online pub quiz.

At the end of January, I attended the Language Professional’s Networking Event, and spoke to language teachers and translators in break-out sessions. The event is held once a month on a Friday evening and I really recommend it to all those working with languages. I love events that have break-out rooms to chat and network. You can find more information about this event here.

I bought a three-month rental of the BP autumn workshop week videos and watched these. I found the session on machine translation quality evaluation by Marta Bartnicka and the session on translating web copy by Andrea Shah excellent. The recordings are still available online and can be purchased here.

In February, I attended a workshop by Tess Whitty on optimising CVs and cover letters when applying to translation agencies. I am a huge fan of Tess Whitty and always appreciate the very practical advice she gives. I definitely recommend her workshops on this topic.

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